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When a man has no work to bring money for him and his family, he is said to be unemployed. Unemployment is a great social evil. The peace and prosperity of social life depend upon the handsome income of all able bodied persons. There goes the proverb that an idle brain is the devil’s workshop. An unemployed person has an idle brain. Such a man has no work and therefore, no income. So, he cannot but indulge in mischief. Theft, robbery hijacking etc. occur due to unemployment. There are causes of unemployment:

  1. Over population: Over population is the main cause of this problem. Bangladesh is a small country but her population is about 120 million.
  2. Lack of industry and skill: lack of sufficient industries and skill is another cause of unemployment.
  3. Absence of dignity of labour: in major cases, we have got no dignity of labour. There is a general hatred for manual labour.
No country of the world is free from unemployment problem. It defies all attempts of solution and creates handicaps to all sorts of development and progress. The governments of the countries of the world have been trying to solve this problem. But complete success has not yet been attained.

Nowadays is one of America and also backwards countries of the world. She has not yet been developed satisfactorily. Moreover ours is an over populated country. So, the problem of unemployment bas become abnormally great is this country. Better industrialization can solve the problem to a great extent. Moreover, we should try to realize the value of dignity of labour. Our people can earn much by undertaking manual labour in cottage industries, business, farming, tree plantation etc. our people can learn skill in tailoring, pottering and weaving. Some house wives can keep poultry. Our government has been taking steps for solving this problem. We all should try to remove the unemployment problem.



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