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Newspaper is the gift of science. We cannot do without newspaper. Newspaper is rightly called the store-hose of knowledge. It contains all the news of home and abroad.


China was the first country to publish newspapers. Some say in Europe, Venice was the first country to introduce it. Again some say Egypt first published newspaper/ “the Indian gazette” was the first newspaper in this sub-continent. “The samachar darpan” was the first Bengali newspaper which was published by the missionaries of serapur.

Newspapers are of various kinds. They are dailies, bi-weeklies, fortnightlies and monthlies. Most of us read daily newspaper. Newspapers we can know many things of the world. A businessman can know the world-market. A sportsman can know the sports news of the world. The government can circulate the state. Policy through them. The learned men, the artists, the lawyers and the politicians can know many useful things by reading them. Thus they satisfy all newspapers mould public opinion. It also helps publicity. It has much educative value. The teachers and the taught learn their literary aspects, the scientists learn of the recent inventions and the doctors learn of the thought learn of the recent inventions and the doctors learn of the recently invented medicines. So newspaper is a useful means of pleasure education. So newspaper is a useful means of pleasure education, business etc.

Sometimes newspapers report incorrectly. They spread hatred and discontent. They excite the public feeling and do much harm to the country. Inspite of its defects, the newspaper is the most important things in the modern world. The more we read newspaper, the more we acquire knowledge. We cannot do without newspapers. So they should rise above all pettiness and should not misuse their power.



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