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This is an age of machinery and tools. Almost every family of our country depends on machinery directly or indirectly. Nowadays we are lighted by machinery, fanned by machinery, dressed by machinery, transported by machinery and so on.

According to our present curriculum, education has been divided into two classes- general and technical. General education fills human mind with general knowledge of arts and sciences while technical education aims at giving training in engineering, electrical works, spinning, training in engineering, electrical works, spinning, tanning etc. we require technical education both for mechanizing our agriculture and for rapid industrialization of our country. There are countries like Bangladesh that are underdeveloped despite their vast natural resources while countries by dint of their technical education. A greater attention is given to technical education in the countries like Britain, Germany, Japan, U.S.A, Russia etc. we should try to follow them.

During the British regime, they required men with general knowledge so as to help them in running their administration. The British government, therefore, introduced a system of education that could produce only clerks, teacher’s lawyers and administrator. After our independence several technical institutions and laboratories have grown up in our country. More technical institutions should be opened in our country so as to produce more trained men.

Theoretical knowledge should be coordinated with practical knowledge to be gained in firms, mills and factories. So there should be provision or engaging the technical students in practical works in mills and factories just after they have successfully completed their education career.



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